Data Sources Integrations

SiQueries Data Platform connects to the world's most popular data sources.

Amazon RDS

SiQueries connects to Amazon RDS, the relational database service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Amazon Redshift

SiQueries connects to Amazon Redshift, the fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse solution from Amazon.


SiQueries connects to PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database.

Google Cloud SQL

SiQueries connects to Google Cloud SQL. The relational database service on the Google Cloud Services

SQL Server

SiQueries connects to SQL Server, the business-class database from Microsoft.

Azure SQL Database

SiQueries connects to Azure SQL Database, an integrated solution for big data analytics.


SiQueries connects to MySQL, another popular open source database.

Data Source FAQs

Is there anything to install?

No. The SiQueries platform is entirely browser-based and works in all modern desktop browsers. With SiQueries, you can connect to your data source in just a few clicks.

Does SiQueries store my data?

No. SiQueries accesses your data in real-time and only retrieves the rows necessary to support a given query. Results and temporary data from queries are buffered and fully encrypted.

How secure is my data with SiQueries?

Your data is never exposed to the public.

SiQueries uses SSL/TLS for all data transfer between your browser and our servers. Your credentials and other connection details are stored fully encrypted in our database and on our servers.

We are constantly improving our systems and procedures to keep your data secure. See our security overview for full details.

What data sources are supported by SiQueries?

SiQueries is working to support all of the most popular data sources, and new databases are consistently being added to our growing list of connections.

Don't see your database listed above? If your database supports SQL, it's still possible to add it as a data source to SiQueries.

We're building the best interface for your data.